Image Scanning of Delivery Addresses Through Zeo

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Image Scanning of Delivery Addresses Through Zeo, Zeo Route Planner
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You are a delivery driver who needs to make hundreds of deliveries every day. However, adding to your woes is the fact that before starting with the deliveries you have to spend hours manually adding the stops in your route planner.

What if we told you that we can make your life easy?  

The in-app image scanning feature of Zeo Route Planner is a godsend for delivery drivers. It saves you the hassle of adding the stops manually from the printed manifest or parcels. You also don’t need to use separate apps for OCR and route planning.

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What is image scanning/OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology that scans the image of a text and converts it into machine-readable text format which can also be edited. It eliminates the need to type text from an image.   

How is image scanning of delivery addresses beneficial?

  • OCR is more efficient and mistake-free 

When you get a manifest from the fleet manager with multiple delivery addresses it is tedious to type all the addresses and customer details in a route planner. It can take you a couple of hours to do it depending on the number of deliveries. Manually typing the addresses can also lead to errors and you will end up reaching the wrong address. Scanning the manifest using image scanning saves you time as well as ensures that the addresses and customer details are captured accurately.

  • It can read any language

You need not worry even if the delivery addresses on shipping packages are in your local language. The OCR feature can detect any language. The OCR feature can detect any language.

  • It can read any format or sequence of fields

The image scanning feature can correctly identify the customer’s name, address, zip code and phone number irrespective of the sequence of details. On scanning the image, the fields get populated automatically.

  • It can read any font and handwritten text

OCR can read the text in any font even if it is handwritten given that the text in the image should be legible.

  • Add multiple addresses in one go

You’ll have to add the addresses one by one if you try to do it manually. Capturing or uploading an image of the addresses enables you to upload all the addresses in one go

Steps for using the image scanning feature of Zeo Route Planner:

  • Step 1: In the Zeo app, go to ‘+Add New Route’ and you’ll see 3 options – Import Excel, Image Upload and Scan Barcode.
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Image Upload’ option. You will see a pop-up with 2 options. You can either click a picture or upload it from the gallery of your mobile phone.
  • Step 3: Zeo will detect the addresses and customer details. The fields will get populated automatically and you can cross-check them for accuracy.
  • Step 4: Scan more addresses using the ‘Scan more’ option. Once all the addresses are scanned and added, click on ‘Done’.
  • Step 5: Add further details to each address. You can update the address as a pickup or a delivery address along with the priority of the stop. Any delivery notes, time slot preference and parcel details can also be added at this stage. Click on ‘Done adding stops’ once all the details are correctly updated.
  • Step 6: Click on ‘Create & Optimize New Route’ or ‘Don’t optimize, navigate as added’ as per your preference.

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Wrapping Up

As a delivery driver, you want to make the best use of your time. When you have multiple deliveries to make, features like image scanning in your route planner app help you get started in no time and increase your earning potential. At Zeo, we want to give you all the support you need to be a star delivery driver!

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