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The Future of Last Mile Delivery with Zeo Route Planner

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The Future of Last Mile Delivery with Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

Over the next 5-10 years, last-mile delivery is set to be disrupted in much the same way as banking is being disrupted today. The advancement in technology will soon take over the old methodology of last-mile delivery. Many such features are developed every day, changing the way last-mile delivery used to be before.

Decades-old workflows are set to be replaced with technology-enabled processes that significantly improve recipients’ delivery experience whilst drastically reducing the cost of last-mile delivery.

Here are the specifics of how we see it playing out at Zeo Route:

Optimize delivery route

Plan optimized routes with Zeo Route Planner

As we progress in the future with the last-mile delivery, there is a huge need for optimized routes. Since there is a sudden increase in the direct-to-customer model post-COVID-19, Zeo Route Planner has tried to provide its customers the most optimized route.

With Zeo Route Planner, you can load many addresses in the app and then leave it to us. The application will perform its calculation and will provide you with the best route. We provide the most optimized route in the market. With the help of an optimized delivery route, you can cover a range of addresses, and thus you can save time and money.

Importing addresses

The Future of Last Mile Delivery with Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner
Importing addresses with Zeo Route Planner

With the growth of customers, there is also growth in the data, and thus there comes an immediate need to load the addresses for delivery. Zeo Route Planner has sorted this problem for you and has tailored the best methods that can help our clients import the delivery addresses.

Zeo Route Planner provides features such as importing through excel, importing through image OCR, importing through QR/Bar code scan, and manual typing to load the address for delivery in the app easily. These features help you to directly load the address from your computers to the delivery agent’s smartphones.

Cost cutting

Cost Cutting with Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner helps you in cost-cutting as well. With the help of the Zeo Route Planner app, you can cut down the delivery cost to nearly 50%. Earlier, when there was no such delivery route optimization app, a huge loss suffered in the delivery process.

Now, as we are stepping into the future of last-mile delivery, our customers save a lot with the route optimization app. With our route planner, they can easily manage the delivery process and save a huge amount that they earlier used to spend in the delivery process.

Electronic proof of delivery and tracking

Electronic Proof-of-Delivery and tracking with Zeo Route Planner

Another futuristic impact that Zeo Route Planner is leaving on the last mile delivery is the proof of delivery. Talking about a decade back, there was no such system for tracking your package and delivery confirmation. With the advancement in technology, we have come up with live tracking and proof of delivery.

With the Zeo Route Planner, you can track your package and drivers. Also, you can provide electronic proof of delivery to the customers. We have a strong vision at Zeo, and thus we have tailored every feature in the app so that the last mile delivery becomes hassle-free work. Now the customers can get SMS as well email as soon as their package is out for delivery. This has helped the delivery agents to perform their jobs in a much easier fashion.

Same day delivery momentum

Same-day delivery with Zeo Route Planner

The future of the last mile delivery is the same day delivery. Same-day delivery is gaining momentum these days. This is only possible with route optimization and delivery planning. The brands also focus the same-day delivery, and they reflect their approach to the customers.

With proper delivery planning, you can achieve a cost-effective way to provide the same day delivery. This will also provide you cost-cutting and will provide revenue to the last mile delivery business.

Book a time slot for delivery

Time slot delivery with Zeo Route Planner

Nowadays, we can see that everything is becoming customer-centric, and this is a method to capture and engage your customers by providing them everything according to their needs. The future of the last mile delivery is also customer-centric.

With Zeo Route Planner, you can book the slot when the customer is available to take the package, and by the time, you can carry out the rest of the delivery process. Our efficient algorithms will provide you the best-optimized route so that you can carry on with the delivery of other customers.

Try it now

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Our motive is to make life easier and comfortable for small and medium businesses. So now you are only one step away to import your excel and start away.

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