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How to achieve same-day delivery with the help of Zeo Route Planner

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How to achieve same-day delivery with the help of Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

Today, to keep up with the intense competition delivery, businesses are bound to offer same-day delivery. Though a necessary service, this isn’t an easy service to offer. It requires the right strategy, the right team, and most importantly, the right technology to be in place. This is where the role of a route planner software comes into play.

route planner takes care of all stages involved in same-day delivery. The software ensures perfection from planning to distribution to execution, which saves you from worrying about field service management.

Zeo Route Planner can help you to achieve same-day delivery. We provide you with all the necessary features to carry out the delivery process, and we keep on providing valuable updates that help you achieve the growth required for your business.

Let’s see how a route planner software can help you achieve same-day delivery.

Route planning & optimization

Zeo Route Planner allows you to plan a route without demanding hours of your time. Just import the addresses into the app through excel import, image capture/OCR, Bar/QR code, or manual typing. You’ll receive 100% accurate, well-optimized routes in only 40 seconds.

How to achieve same-day delivery with the help of Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner
Getting the best route planning with Zeo Route Planner

The route will be free from traffic, bad weather, roads under construction, and left or U-turns, so your drivers will never get stuck on the road. They will deliver on time and make more stops per day, thus earning more money for themselves and your business.

Route Monitoring

Zeo Route Planner comes with a GPS tracking feature that helps you track your vehicles on the road in real-time. So, if a driver ventures off-route, you’d be notified immediately and can follow-up with them accordingly.

Route Monitoring with Zeo Route Planner

The route monitoring also allows you to set speed alerts that will notify you as soon as a driver crosses the speed limit. You can then communicate with them to check on their speed and avoid the possibility of a road incident. This would save you from facing potential legal issues due to road law violations.

Re-optimize routes

Apart from route planning and route monitoring, Zeo Route Planner provides you the feature of re-optimizing the routes.

Re-optimize the routes with Zeo Route Planner

For example, if a driver gets stuck on the road due to a sudden vehicle breakdown, you can still re-optimize the route immediately, ensuring that the affected delivery will still be met by re-assigning it to the driver closest to the customer. Any changes you make will be reflected in the driver’s route planner app, so you won’t have to worry about relaying new route details.

Live field operations data

Having a wealth of data at your fingertips allows you to enhance, grow, and manage your field service operations more effectively. Zeo Route Planner can help in that department as well. The software comes with a reporting and analytics feature that tracks fuel costs, total and average service times, number of stops in a day, number of completed routes, and more.

Get the live data on your fingerprint with Zeo Route Planner

This data is paramount in identifying operations that need improvement. The information can help you manage costs as well as the performance levels of your field service employees. You’ll be improving the efficiency of your same-day delivery service, benefitting your business and, by extension, its customers and employees.

Allows customers to track their delivery

A route planner also helps your customers track their delivery. For example, Zeo Route Planner comes with a customer portal that allows customers to see their package’s status. The customer portal shows them as much information as you want to reveal to them about the visit, for example, custom fields, driver identity, estimated arrival times, and much more.

Using the Zeo Route Planner, a customer gets a link through SMS, and through that link, they can track their package. Also, along with it, they get the drivers’ contact details so that they can contact the drivers if they are not available to take the package.

Get real time tracking with the help of Zeo Route Planner

This kind of access shows customers that you prioritize exceptional customer service. It also reduces the probability of failed deliveries. When customers can track their packages in real-time, they can ensure that someone is present at the destination to accept the order.

Automating driver check-ins and check-outs

A route planner also helps you make fast deliveries by cutting the time drivers spend manually checking in and out. Zeo Route Planner comes with geofencing technology that handles this automatically at each stop. It also improves drivers’ safety; they won’t need to look at their phones, as is common practice when checking in manually.

Get driver check in and check out with the help of Zeo Route Planner

Automating the check-in and check-out process saves you tons of money and precious time. If your drivers make multiple stops each week, month, and year, and you have a large operation to manage, you’ll be amazed at what a route planner can do for you.


To conclude, we would like to add that Zeo Route Planner provides you with the best in class service to handle all your delivery process. Zeo Route Planner provides you with a route planner with which you can plan a proper route. You will get the best-optimized route within minutes.

With the Zeo Route Planner app, you can monitor your drivers and track all the activities. You will also get the proof-of-delivery through which you can help your customers a better experience. Overall the app will provide you the features through which you can get the best experience in handling the delivery process.

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