Onboarding Drivers: Get started the right way and avoid operational roadblocks

Onboarding Drivers: Get started the right way and avoid operational roadblocks, Zeo Route Planner
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The process of recruiting and onboarding drivers demands a lot of time and resources. Right onboarding is getting a candidate that is the right fit for the position. It provides a better employee experience and establishes a strong relationship with drivers. It further reduces the driver turnover rate, which was as high as 89% in 2021. This impacts business outcomes as driver turnover can cost anywhere between $2,243 to $20,729.

Simple Steps for Onboarding Drivers

  1. Application & Screening Process
    Drivers must apply online or in person. The screening process also involves background checks, driving record checks, and drug test.
  2. Training & Orientation
    Drivers must undergo mandatory process and safety training programs. They also get to know the company’s culture and daily operations.
  3. Equipment & Vehicle Inspection
    Drivers should check the vehicles they will be driving to ensure safety. This includes checking tire pressure, brakes, lights, and fluid levels.
  4. On-the-Job Support
    Ongoing support is important for drivers. The support can be provided with regular check-ins, ongoing training, and performance feedback.

How to Streamline the Process of Onboarding Drivers

  1. Automate Paperwork
    Manual paperwork asking for the same information multiple times can make the process of onboarding drivers chaotic. Automating the paperwork will efficiently collect the information and speed up the onboarding process.
  2. Prioritize Mobile-friendly Forms
    The majority of drivers prefer using mobile devices to search and apply for a job. They also prefer completing the onboarding formalities through mobile phones. Using responsive UI design and mobile-friendly digital forms will streamline the process of onboarding drivers.
  3. Provide Online Onboarding Training
    Enabling drivers to complete onboarding from their homes will shorten the orientation process. Drivers can access video training anytime, anywhere. This provides the flexibility to learn on demand.

Operational Roadblocks That Can be Tackled by Effectively Onboarding Drivers

  1. Cost Management
    Right onboarding reduces driver turnover. Moreover, proper orientation and training result in improved efficiency. This helps companies save operational costs and increase revenues.
  2. Safety & Security
    Providing safety training can help drivers understand company safety policies and operating procedures. Cybersecurity training while onboarding drivers can prevent sensitive data breaches.
  3. Lack of Skilled Drivers
    Onboarding can include skills training required for the transportation industry. This can include defensive driving techniques, cargo handling, and route planning. This can help drivers become more skilled and proficient at their job.
  4. Lack of Optimal Resource Utilization
    Right boarding improves productivity and communication. This helps companies to optimize their resources. This can lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall performance.
  5. Communication Barrier
    The right onboarding programs consider language barriers and cultural sensitivity. This improves the communication between drivers and management and increases the feeling of inclusivity. This can lead to better performance, fewer misunderstandings, and better internal communication.

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Simplify Onboarding and Driver Management with Zeo Route Planner

  1. Onboard Drivers within Five Minutes
    Upload pickup and delivery stops, create delivery routes and automatically assign multiple routes to drivers in a single click using Zeo.
  2. Auto Assign Stops as per Driver Availability
    Zeo will intelligently auto-assign all the delivery stops based on driver location.
  3. Get Live Updates on Driver Location and Operations
    You can provide a transparent view of the delivery progress to increase customer satisfaction. Zeo also provides an estimated ETA along with the driver’s location.
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  5. Track Route Progress and Get Detailed Reports
    Zeo Route Planner makes identifying drivers with the most number of deliveries easy. The reports also provide insights into the average delivery speed and customer ratings.


Reducing operational roadblocks is a major concern for fleet managers. Driver safety, engagement, and retention are some other concerns they have. The right way of onboarding drivers can help them build strong relationships with drivers and address various challenges.

Robust fleet management and route optimization software like Zeo can help fleet managers to effectively onboard drivers. Schedule a free product demo to witness how Zeo works its magic and improves the onboarding experience and driver retention rate.

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    How to Create Route?

    How do I add stop by typing and searching? Web

    Follow these steps to add a stop by typing and searching:

    • Go to Playground Page. You will find a search box in top left.
    • Type in your desired stop and it will show search results as you type.
    • Select one of the search results to add the stop to list of unassigned stops.

    How do I import stops in bulk from an excel file? Web

    Follow these steps to add stops in bulk using an excel file:

    • Go to Playground Page.
    • In top right corner you will see import icon. Press on that icon & a modal will open.
    • If you already have an excel file, press the “Upload stops via flat file” button & a new window will open up.
    • If you don’t have an existing file, you can download a sample file and input all your data accordingly, then upload it.
    • In the new window, upload your file and match the headers & confirm mappings.
    • Review your confirmed data and add the stop.

    How do I import stops from an image? Mobile

    Follow these steps to add stops in bulk by uploading an image:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • Bottom bar has 3 icons in left. Press on image icon.
    • Select the image from gallery if you already have one or take a picture if you don’t have existing.
    • Adjust the crop for the selected image & press crop.
    • Zeo will automatically detect the addresses from the image. Press on done and then save & optimize to create route.

    How do I add a stop using Latitude and Longitude? Mobile

    Follow these steps to add stop if you have Latitude & Longitude of the address:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • You will see a icon. Press on that icon & press on New Route.
    • If you already have an excel file, press the “Upload stops via flat file” button & a new window will open up.
    • Below search bar, select the “by lat long” option and then enter the latitude and longitude in the search bar.
    • You will see results in the search, select one of them.
    • Select additional options according to your need & click on “Done adding stops”.

    How do I add a using a QR Code? Mobile

    Follow these steps to add stop using QR Code:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • You will see a icon. Press on that icon & press on New Route.
    • Bottom bar has 3 icons in left. Press on QR code icon.
    • It will open up a QR Code scanner. You can scan normal QR code as well as FedEx QR code and it will automatically detect address.
    • Add the stop to route with any additional options.

    How do I delete a stop? Mobile

    Follow these steps to delete a stop:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • You will see a icon. Press on that icon & press on New Route.
    • Add some stops using any of the methods & click on save & optimize.
    • From the list of stops that you have, long press on any stop that you want to delete.
    • It will open window asking you to select the stops that you want to remove. Click on Remove button and it will delete the stop from your route.