Improve Customer Service Using Zeo’s Route Planner

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Improve Customer Service Using Zeo’s Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner
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For a successful business, you need to keep this one person happy: your customer!

You don’t want to leave out any chance of adding to your customer’s delight. If your business requires making last-mile deliveries or fulfilling client-service requests then that’s a touch-point you should be leveraging to provide exceptional customer service.

Reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers help in increasing sales. It’s also more cost-effective to retain customers than to keep acquiring new ones. Excellent customer service helps you stand out from the competition.

To keep your customers happy, book a demo call now or sign up for a free trial of Zeo Route Planner!

Find out how route optimization software like Zeo Route Planner can help your business improve customer service.

1. Add customer’s preferred time slots

Your customers may want the delivery/service request to be fulfilled in a specific time slot considering their busy schedules. Reaching the customer at any other time may lead to missed deliveries and unhappy customers. You can add the preferred time slot of the customer while planning the route.

Improve Customer Service Using Zeo’s Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

2. Share trip details with the customer

Our driver app lets the drivers share trip details directly with the customer. This can be used to send the live location and the contact details of the driver to the customer. Live location helps in keeping the customer updated of the accurate delivery time. Check out our blog to learn how to share trip details with customers.

3. Add trip notes to accommodate customer’s requests

Sometimes the customers may have specific requests like the delivery person should ring the bell instead of calling or keep the box at the door. You can add trip notes for the drivers while adding customer details. This helps in tailoring the delivery experience as per customers’ requirements.

Improve Customer Service Using Zeo’s Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

4. Proof of delivery

Using the driver app, the driver can collect proof of delivery in 2 ways: collecting the digital signature of the customer and if the customer is not available then clicking a picture of the package after leaving it at a safe place. The picture is shared with the customer. This helps in reducing the to-and-fro communication between the customer and the business in case the customer has any concerns regarding the delivery.

Improve Customer Service Using Zeo’s Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

5. Real-time updates to the route

Let’s say your driver is on the way to make the delivery or a customer service request. There’s an unanticipated increase in traffic due to an accident or ongoing construction on the driver’s route. The route planner helps by updating the route in real-time to provide the driver with an alternative optimised route and ensures that customer delivery doesn’t get delayed.

6. Skill-based driver allocation

Route planner comes in handy if you are in a business that requires a job to be done in a sequence by people with different levels of skills (for example construction & maintenance) or the array of services require different jobs to be performed by people with different skills (for example health care). You can map specific skills to the drivers. While adding stops, the skill requirement at a stop can be added. Zeo Route Planner will optimise the route by sending the driver with the required skill set to the right stop and enhance customer satisfaction. Read our blog to learn more about skill-based optimization.

Improve Customer Service Using Zeo’s Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

To Sum-up

Customer satisfaction is key to your business and you should take advantage of Zeo route planner for enhanced customer service. Our route planner helps in making deliveries as per customers’ preferred time slots, sharing trip details with the customer, adding trip notes, recording proof of delivery, skill-based optimisation and even updating the routes in real-time.

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