Last-Mile Delivery – Best Optimization Practices in 2023

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Last-Mile Delivery – Best Optimization Practices in 2023, Zeo Route Planner
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81% of millennials and 86% of GenZ would reconsider shopping from a brand after a poor delivery experience as per a Last Mile Delivery survey.

Now that’s a huge percentage and you always want to be in the good books of your customers. The last-mile delivery experience you provide to your customers can help you stand out from the competition.

What is last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the last leg of the supply chain that delivers the parcels from the warehouse to the end customer. It is the most crucial part of the delivery process. Last-mile delivery has to be extremely efficient as the customers are expecting faster deliveries. However, last-mile delivery can turn out to be expensive and you should take steps to optimize it to save costs as well.   

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Best optimization practices for last-mile delivery businesses:

Route optimization

Route optimization softwares like Zeo Route Planner are extremely helpful for last-mile delivery businesses. When packages have to be delivered at multiple stops in a route, a route optimization software provides the most efficient route in terms of time as well as costs. Your delivery vehicles following an optimum route will lead to lower maintenance and fuel costs. Also, it results in higher customer satisfaction as it enables faster and on-time deliveries. 

Using an automated process ensures scalability, reduces the possibility of errors and saves hours of planning time.

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Proof of delivery

The proof of delivery can be captured electronically by getting the digital signature of the customer on the app or by clicking a picture of the parcel being delivered. The electronic method is much more efficient as compared to collecting the signature of the customers on physical paper. The electronic proof can be accessed easily and quickly in case the customer claims that the delivery was not made.

If the customer is not available to take the delivery, then also the delivery person can click a picture as proof that the delivery was attempted. It helps in resolving customer complaints with higher efficiency.

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Driver tracking

Tracking the live location of the drivers is essential for last-mile deliveries. Visibility of package location is required to provide accurate ETAs to the customer. In case of any delays, the customer can be updated well in advance to ensure customer satisfaction. Driver tracking also helps in ensuring that drivers don’t take any detours leading to delays and increased costs.

Data analysis

Data analysis is a must for improving last-mile delivery operations. The reports available in the route planner provide valuable data about the trips. Not only can you check the delivery status (successful, failed or delayed) but also look into the reasons provided by the drivers for failed or delayed deliveries. 

You can also check the duration of the delay by looking at the actual arrival time and ETA available in the report. Appropriate action can be taken if a route is regularly leading to delays. Other useful data like navigation start time, updated ETA, and proof of delivery is also readily available in the reports.

You should definitely be using the data available in the reports for optimizing last-mile delivery.

Inventory tracking

Route optimization software provides the technology to track the inventory until the parcel is handed over to the customer. Each stop in the route is allocated a unique id. The correct status of the parcel can be tracked using the unique id. It gives you complete visibility into the movement of inventory. If a customer also wants to know the status of the parcel, it can be quickly looked into with the help of its unique id.

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Last-mile delivery plays a significant role in improving customer satisfaction and retention. Using a route optimization software helps in making faster and on-time deliveries. Capturing proof of delivery, driver tracking, inventory tracking and data analytics make the delivery process more efficient. There you go! Follow these optimization practices for last-mile deliveries to derive a positive impact on your business!

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