How to Deal with Difficult Customers During Deliveries?

How to Deal with Difficult Customers During Deliveries?, Zeo Route Planner
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In 2022, the market of online shopping in the US has reached 286 million buyers. The rise in eCommerce has caused massive growth in the delivery industry. However, the increased number of customers means a business has more chances of making mistakes. Therefore, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction becomes a challenge.

Meeting difficult customers regularly is no longer a rare scenario. In such a scenario, one must keep calm and follow certain protocols to resolve the situation and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

In this blog, we will learn about the importance of timely deliveries, the different types of difficult customers, and how we can effectively deal with them.

Why Do Timely Deliveries Play a Significant Role in Customer Satisfaction?

A customer will naturally trust a business when they can deliver the packages in perfect condition within the estimated date. When a delivery business offers such timely services, it helps build customer trust, ensures positive feedback, and returns customers in the long run.

Timely shipments also lead to lesser returns and complaints. Therefore, saving time and money for the delivery business and increasing customer loyalty. It also helps create a long-lasting relationship with the customers, who will be more eager to use the service again.

The Primary Types of Dissatisfied Customers

Let us understand the primary types of difficult customers, as it will give us an idea on how to deal with them.

  • Impatient and Demanding Customers
    Impatient and demanding customers aren’t afraid to voice their frustrations if the packages are not delivered on time. It can be challenging for delivery businesses to deal with such customers as they may call again to inquire about their delivery status. However, it is natural for customers to become impatient in a scenario of late delivery as it hampers their routine and causes additional stress.To counter this issue, delivery companies must share realistic timelines and accurate tracking information.
  • Angry Customers
    Customers can get angry for various reasons, such as delayed shipments, poor communication from the delivery business, or lost items. In such a scenario, it is important to remain calm and take accountability for the mistakes as it will help deescalate the situation or prevent it from escalating.In some scenarios, an angry customer might be threatening or verbally abusive. If this is the case, the delivery representative must handle it professionally while maintaining a calm demeanor.
  • Know-it-all Customers
    These customers think they know everything about the delivery process and tend to dictate or micromanage how the delivery should be made. They also tend to make unreasonable demands, question the expertise or experience of the delivery executives, and try to set specific timelines for the delivery.The approach to dealing with know-it-all customers should be clear and assertive. A representative should explain the delivery procedures and policies calmly and respectfully and provide accurate information about the delivery status.

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Tips to Deal with Difficult Customers in the Delivery Business

Following are some thoughtful tips to deal with difficult customers in the delivery business effectively:

  • Meet your Delivery Objectives
    One of the primary ways to avoid encountering difficult customers is to ensure that the deliveries are made accurately on time. Doing so prevents issues like delayed parcels, lost packages, etc.
  • Follow Up and Seek Feedback
    After delivery, it is important to follow up with the customer and ensure the delivery service is satisfactory. This effort will help nurture trust and loyalty with the customer, even after a negative experience.
  • Identify the Cause of Dissatisfaction
    If a customer is dissatisfied with the service, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem. This may include asking questions and listening to their concerns to understand the issue better.
  • Take Prompt Action
    Once you have determined the cause of dissatisfaction, promptly resolve the issue. The resolution may be compensation for lost items or a refund for delivering the wrong items, and so on.
  • Be Disciplined and Empathetic
    Being disciplined and professional are the key factors when dealing with difficult customers; also, one must take an empathetic approach to resolve the issues.
  • Listen Mindfully and Understand their POV
    Listening to the customers mindfully and fully understanding their point of view is crucial. This will help provide quick and effective resolutions in adherence to the company policies.
  • Provide Real-Time Customer Support
    In today’s fast-paced world, a delivery business must provide real-time customer support through calls, chats, or emails to quickly resolve customer queries. Such an approach helps builds trust and loyalty with the customers.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction with ZeoAuto

Whether you are in the initial stages of a delivery business or have scaled to a significant stage—it is pivotal to satisfy your customers to ensure uninterrupted growth. The massive size of the delivery industry certainly poses a challenge when you have to satisfy a large audience. However, with the tips mentioned in this blog, you will be more than equipped to face this challenge head-on.

If you are operating a delivery business, you can use Zeo’s Mobile Route Planner or Route Planner for Fleets for optimized navigation and better customer satisfaction. The tool lets your customers view live locations and receive real-time updates to keep calm while your delivery executives perform their duties.

Book a demo today to ensure seamless deliveries and elevate customer satisfaction.

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