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How to import address using Bar/QR code, Zeo Route Planner

Managing addresses is one of the most hectic jobs in the last mile delivery process. About a decade ago, delivering packages to customers across the city took much pain for the drivers. But now Zeo Route Planner has advanced the last mile delivery management, easing handling the customers’ addresses.

Zeo Route Planner has always tried to provide features to their customers that can help them to carry out the last-mile delivery process easily. We have provided various methods to manage our app’s address, including importing addresses using a spreadsheet, importing addresses using image capture, and manual typing. We have recently added a new feature, which is importing addresses using QR/Bar code.

This new feature will help the drivers to import the address directly from the package. Since every package contains either a Bar code or a QR code, the drivers can easily scan those codes, and the app will automatically load the addresses and help them get delivery ready.

Steps to import address using Bar/QR code

Follow these easy steps to import address in the app using Bar/QR code

  • Open the Zeo Route Planner app and head towards the My Routes tab.
  • Then press the Add New Route button to open the various options to add the address.
  • After pressing the Add New Route button, another screen will load up, and you will see various options such as Add Stop, Import Stops, Image Capture, and Scan Bar/QR code.
  • Press on the Scan Bar/QR code button.
How to import address using Bar/QR code, Zeo Route Planner
Adding a new route in Zeo Route Planner app
  • Upon pressing the Scan Bar/QR code button, another window will popup. It will automatically open the camera of your smartphone, and the screen will display a rectangle box. You have to scan the bar/QR code in the rectangle area.
  • Align the rectangle box in front of the Bar/QR code which you want to scan.
How to import address using Bar/QR code, Zeo Route Planner
Scanning the Bar code to import address in the Zeo Route Planner
  • The app will automatically scan the Bar/QR code, and it will show you the address.
  • Follow the above process and keep on adding the addresses.
  • Press on the Done button when you are done adding the addresses.
  • Also, provide the Start Location and End Location according to your need.
  • Click on Save and Optimize button to optimize the routes, and the app will provide you the best-optimized route.
  • You are now set to go and deliver the products to the right address.
How to import address using Bar/QR code, Zeo Route Planner
Adding addresses using QR/Bar code in the Zeo Route Planner

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