The Benefits of Zeo’s API for Route Optimization

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The Benefits of Zeo’s API for Route Optimization, Zeo Route Planner
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You could be an online store selling t-shirts, a retail store providing home deliveries, or a laundry business providing pick-up and drop services – in all these cases you would be dealing with a fleet of drivers to make last-mile deliveries.

While you were just starting out, it may have been easier to plan the delivery routes manually. But as the scale of your business grew, it would’ve become complex to plan the routes. With numerous orders coming in every day, it would be difficult to assign them to drivers while keeping the cost of deliveries in control.

That’s why you should take the advantage of route optimization API for seamless delivery management.

What is route optimization?

Route optimization means creating the most-efficient route to fulfill orders or client service requests. It is important to note that it doesn’t necessarily mean planning the shortest route but planning a route that would be most cost-effective and time-saving.

How route optimization API helps your business?

  • Helps in controlling costs

    2 teams that save time the most with the help of route optimization are your planning team and your delivery drivers. As route optimization API helps you plan a route within seconds, it saves the precious time of your planning team. This time can be utilized towards income-generating activities of the business.

    Even the deliveries can be made at a quicker pace with route optimization API. The route is planned to ensure the best possible usage of time on the road. Hence, the drivers are also able to make more deliveries in a day.

  • Improves efficiency

    It helps you make the best use of available resources. It ensures optimum utilization of your fleet’s capacity and driver time so that you don’t have to add more resources unless really required.

  • Improves customer satisfaction

    By ensuring that the deliveries reach your customers faster, route optimization API helps in keeping your customers happy and satisfied. It also ensures that customers receive their orders in their preferred time slots which reduces the chances of missed deliveries. Customers’ expectation of having visibility into the progress of their delivery is also met by providing the tracking link. Happy customers mean happy days for your business.

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What are the benefits of using a route optimization API?

  • Integrate within your system

    A route optimization API can be easily integrated into your enterprise systems and enhance its capabilities. It eliminates the need to operate a separate portal for route planning and smoothens the workflow.

  • Low development cost and time

    It would take you significantly more time and money if you were to build in-house route optimization software from scratch vs taking advantage of an API. API can help you get things up & running quickly.

  • Flexibility to build a customized solution

    With APIs, you can build a software that best serves your business requirements. If you purchase an API, you can also add to it by building some features in-house or by using various APIs.

    Schedule a call with our team to understand how Zeo’s route optimization API can be the perfect solution for your business!

Features offered by Zeo’s API:

  • Create & update driver profiles

    You can create driver profiles with the driver’s name, address, email id and contact number and allocate a password to the profile. The same profile can also be updated at a later stage if need be.

  • Create stops with additional parameters

    Create stops by adding the address or by adding the latitude and longitude coordinates of the stop. Add additional parameters like delivery notes, stop priority (normal/asap), stop type (pickup/delivery), stop duration, delivery time window, customer details and parcel count.

  • Create routes

    Create a route with a start address and end location address or by using the coordinates of the start and end locations. Add the stops between the start and end locations and easily assign the route to a driver.

  • Optimize routes

    Optimize for the most efficient route. The API will take into account all the variables provided for each stop and provide an optimized route for your drivers.

  • Access saved routes (store owner routes)

    If certain routes are used regularly you can save them and access them anytime via the store owner routes API. It saves you the hassle of creating the same routes again and again.

  • Create pickup-linked delivery routes

    If a route involves picking up a package from one address and delivering it to another address on the same route, you can link both addresses as pickup-linked deliveries. The route will then be optimized accordingly.

  • Webhooks/notifications

    Notifications can be sent to the system via the webhooks API whenever the driver starts a route or marks the delivery status of a stop as success/failed.

Zeo offers affordable solutions for enterprises with its route optimization API. It can be quickly integrated with your systems within 24-48 hours at much lower costs. It has all the features to fit any business as per its needs. It is easily scalable as you can add up to 2000 stops per route.

Take the first step of getting on a quick call with our team right away!

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