Zeo Route Planner Review by
Rob Sherry, Fleet Owner

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Review by Rob Sherry, Fleet Owner

I have been an independent contractor for many years, having a last mile delivery fleet. I work with 14 of my drivers in Delaware, USA and we are specialized in on time delivery.

I have 600+ addresses to cover and divide among my drivers during the busy season. We give in our best to achieve our targets and to create a healthy working culture in and around us.

I believe Zeo Route Planner is a platform which exactly does everything I want, in the best way possible. The feature to automatically assign addresses to my drivers, is something that sits on top of the list for me. The liberty to make changes in the routes and integrating other platforms in my portal, makes me feel in control of my business and the trip reports keep a transparency on the daily itinerary that is to be followed.

The app has a great design and the features perfectly put in for where they belong, which makes the driver’s job easy.

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