Zeo Route Planner Review by
James Garmin, Driver

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Review by James Garmin, Driver

I work as a last mile delivery driver in London and it’s been three years working in the industry. I have had several experiences during this time and just kept doing what came naturally to me.

I like my time on the road with some help in the routing so that I am not lost on the job. It takes me around a quarter of the day to complete all 250+ addresses.

I take Zeo Route Planner‘s help as I need a platform to track my miles along with route optimisation. I have been really impressed by the design and the features which take care of all the routing needs of drivers and businesses. I am assigned a route without any hassle by my manager through their portal and all the information is rightfully communicated through the whole route, about particular stops.

I have saved a lot of time on road, but more than that I have saved a lot of time and energy off road, that goes into planning a whole trip.
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