Zeo Route Planner Review by
Devin Sivyer, Teacher

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Zeo Route Planner Review

I am working as a private home tutor currently and have previously worked at The Royal High School in Edinburgh.

I specialize in Mathematics and teach primary-level students. Teaching is something I really enjoy to keep myself busy. But being a home tutor isn’t easy as I already have a lot of work to do apart from preparing my lectures.

It’s been two months using Zeo Route Planner and it has been up to the mark as I expected it to be. My first impression was really good because of the design and functionalities of their app. I have saved a lot of time till now, both on road and off the road as well. I have got myself more time to prepare now.

The number of free stops they offer got my attention. I haven’t found any other route planner app allowing it’s users to save and optimise up to 15 stops per route. The subscription plans too, seem to have been designed and priced, to suit everyone’s ever-changing needs.
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