UPS Offers 6-Figure Driver Pay & Benefits Deal!

UPS Offers 6-Figure Driver Pay & Benefits Deal!, Zeo Route Planner
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United Parcel Service, commonly known as UPS, is not merely a courier company but an international juggernaut in package delivery and supply chain management. Founded in 1907 with humble beginnings as a messenger company in Seattle, UPS has metamorphosed into a global behemoth, navigating the complexities of modern logistics with a finesse that has set industry standards.

What sets UPS apart is its illustrious history and constant evolution in the face of technological advancements. The company has embraced innovation, from pioneering tracking systems to exploring alternative fuels for its expansive fleet. UPS is not just a witness to change; it is an architect of the future of logistics.

The company has recently launched a lucrative 6-figure driver pay and benefits deal. Let’s learn about what the deal entails.

All About the Deal

As growing living expenses squeeze household budgets, labor tensions have erupted, resulting in unionization efforts at Starbucks and other corporations and nationwide strikes.

The Teamsters union threatened to hold a strike in recent weeks, causing customers to reroute around one million parcels each day to competing firms, losing the corporation over $200 million in revenue.

In the wake of these happenings, the delivery giant struck a deal with Teamsters Union in July. The deal offers drivers an average of $170,000 in pay and additional benefits like health care and more at the end of a 5-year contract.

Before this deal, drivers earned about $95,000 and were offered another $50,000 in benefits. The current deal serves the drivers well and makes the position of a UPS driver a profitable choice.

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How to Become a UPS Driver?

Are you anxious to begin a lucrative driving career with UPS but unsure how to become a UPS driver?
You’re certainly not alone! The employment process might be perplexing for some people.
The good news is that with our step-by-step guide, applying to become a UPS driver is simple.

  1. Meet Basic Requirements
    Age: Ensure you meet the minimum age requirement of 21.
    License: Obtain a valid driver’s license for the designated vehicle type.
    Driving Record: Maintain a clean driving record; any violations may impact your eligibility.
  2. Education and Skills
    Education: A high school diploma or equivalent.
    Skills: Develop strong communication and customer service skills, which are vital in a driver’s role.
  3. Get a Valid Driver’s License
    DL Acquisition: Successfully pass written and skills tests to obtain the required driver’s license.
    Class Requirements: Ensure you obtain the appropriate class of a driver’s license based on the vehicle you’ll be driving.
  4. Apply for a Position
    Rev up your career engine by exploring UPS career opportunities on their website or at a local UPS facility. Fill out an application showcasing your skills and passion for the road.
  5. Pass the DOT Physical Exam: Health Checkpoint
    Ensure you’re physically fit for the journey by passing the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam—a crucial step in the recruitment process.
  6. Complete Probation
    The final part of the employment procedure is completing the probation term. The former usually takes 30 working days. This stage is critical since the firm can fire you at any time throughout this time.

    Here are a few pointers to assist you get through this stage:

    • Arrive early or on time
    • Make an effort to follow their dress code and be presentable
    • Learn about the route and the surrounding region
    • Find a senior driving acquaintance and ask for advice
    • Try not to call in and try to be as efficient as possible

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Embarking on a career as a UPS driver is a journey marked by responsibility, skill, and commitment. With each mile, you contribute to the seamless flow of commerce, becoming an indispensable part of the UPS legacy. Buckle up, aspiring drivers, for the road to success with UPS awaits. Safe travels!

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