Streamline UPS Deliveries: Scan Address Sheets with Zeo Route Planner

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Streamline UPS Deliveries: Scan Address Sheets with Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner
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Efficient delivery services are more important than ever in the fast-paced world of e-commerce and online purchasing. UPS (United Parcel Service) is a significant participant in this space, noted for its dependable and punctual delivery. Behind every successful UPS delivery is a complicated process that assures your box arrives at your door in one piece. A critical step in this procedure is scanning printed address sheets, which the Zeo Route Planner makes exceedingly simple and fast.

In this article, we’ll look at UPS’s last-mile delivery procedure and how you can use Zeo Route Planner to streamline scanning printed address sheets for UPS deliveries.

What is UPS Delivery?

UPS (United Parcel Service) is a global package delivery and supply chain management company. UPS delivery refers to the service UPS provides to transport and deliver packages, parcels, and shipments from one location to another.

When you schedule a UPS delivery, you provide information about the sender’s address, recipient’s address, package size, weight, and the desired level of service. UPS then collects the package from the sender, transports it through their network, and delivers it to the recipient within the specified timeframe.

It is a widely used and reliable service for shipping packages locally, nationally, and internationally, serving individual consumers and businesses.

The Last-Mile Delivery Process of UPS

The last-mile delivery process is the final leg of a package’s journey before it reaches the recipient’s doorstep. UPS has mastered this process, ensuring that packages are efficiently delivered while maintaining the highest level of service. Here’s a deeper dive into each step:

  1. Package Arrival & Sorting: Upon arriving at a local UPS distribution center, packages go through an intricate sorting process. Advanced technology scans barcodes and sorts packages based on their intended destinations. This step ensures that packages are grouped according to their delivery routes, laying the foundation for a well-organized delivery process.
  2. Driver Assignment: After sorting, packages are assigned to individual delivery drivers. The assignments are strategically made to optimize routes and minimize travel distances, enabling drivers to cover their designated areas effectively.
  3. Loading & Departure: This step requires careful organization to ensure packages are easily accessible during the route. Once loaded, drivers depart from the distribution center to begin their deliveries.
  4. Scanning Addresses & Routing: This is where Zeo comes into play. The scanning feature lets drivers easily capture the address information from printed sheets. The app’s intelligent algorithms recognize and interpret the address, linking it to the route data for accurate navigation.
  5. Real-Time Tracking: As drivers embark on their routes, both the drivers and the customers can track the progress of the delivery in real-time using the Zeo Route Planner app. This transparency provides peace of mind to customers and helps drivers adjust their routes in case of unexpected events.
  6. Delivery Confirmation & Returns: When a package is successfully delivered, the recipient’s electronic signature serves as proof of delivery. This digital confirmation streamlines the process and reduces the need for physical paperwork. In missed deliveries, recipients can arrange for redelivery or collect their package from a UPS Access Point.

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How to Utilize Zeo to Scan Printed Sheets?

Operating the Zeo mobile app is no rocket science. Follow the mentioned steps to scan printed sheets on Zeo and start navigating:

  1. Go to ‘+Add New Route’ in the Zeo app, and you’ll find three options: Import Excel, Image Upload, and Scan Barcode.
  2. Select ‘Image Upload.’ A pop-up window will then appear where you may either click a photo or upload it from your phone’s gallery.
  3. Zeo will recognize the addresses and client information and the fields will be filled in automatically.
  4. Use the ‘Scan more’ option to scan additional addresses. Click the ‘ Done ‘ button once all addresses have been scanned and uploaded.
  5. Fill in the blanks with additional information for each address. You may change the address to a pickup or delivery address and the stop’s priority. At this point, you may add any delivery comments, time slot preferences, and parcel specifics. Once all the details have been successfully changed, click ‘Done adding stops.’
  6. Choose ‘Create & Optimize New Route,’ navigate as added.’

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  1. Can Zeo Route Planner handle different types of address sheets?
    Yes, Zeo Route Planner is designed to accommodate a variety of address sheet formats. The app’s flexibility ensures smooth operations, whether you’re scanning a standard UPS label or a custom address sheet.
  2. What devices are compatible with Zeo’s scanning feature?
    Zeo Route Planner‘s scanning feature is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets with a camera. To ensure the best experience, ensure that you’re using the latest app version.


Incorporating Zeo Route Planner’s scanning feature into the UPS last-mile delivery process brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy. By simplifying the scanning of printed address sheets, Zeo empowers delivery drivers and businesses to optimize routes, reduce delivery times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. This technology is a testament to how innovative solutions can revolutionize even the most intricate processes, creating a win-win situation for delivery professionals and recipients. So, whether you’re navigating a complex delivery schedule or striving for a smoother delivery experience, Zeo is the modern tool to make it all happen.

To learn more about our offerings, book a free demo today!

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