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Skill Based Job Assignment, Zeo Route Planner
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What is skill-based optimization?

Skill Based optimization is a key requirement for many field service professionals. Simply put, it means assigning activities ( or stops) to technicians or drivers based on their skill and expertise level.
For example, in the construction and maintenance industry, an activity may require the following

  1. Initial preparation by somebody with advanced masonry skills
  2. Followed by setting up the board by somebody with intermediate carpentry skills

Activities performed for skill-based optimization?

  • Ideally, to assign these activities a platform would have to:
  • Identify the technicians and skills
  • Check the skills required for each job.
  • Identify the sequence in which skills are required (first masonry and then carpentry)
  • Check the calendar and slots for the technicians
  • Assign the skills to the technicians based upon
    1. Technicians ability
    2. Timeslot for the job
    3. Availability of the technicians
    4. Minimize the time wasted and costs associated

Most route planners designed for deliveries do not cater to this skill-based optimization.

Skill-based Optimization for technicians by Zeo

Zeo is the only route planner which solves the issue of skill-based optimization for technicians working in diverse industries such as field services, construction, telecommunications, healthcare, emergency services, and many more.

It has been seamlessly integrated with the Zeo fleet platform. Following are the steps to be followed:

  • Add skills present in the skills tab in the settings – click here (view)
  1. Skill is a free-flow field where the user can define the skills. – click here (view)
  2. The option to upload as a list for bulk upload is also present.
  • Add skills to the drivers
    1. Click on the driver tab
    2. Add skills while adding a new driver – click here (view)
    3. Edit an existing driver to add skills – click here (view)
  • When adding a stop, add the skill required in the column next to it
    1. Here is a sample excel of how it has to be handled
    2. Some things to be handled
      1. Make sure the skill mentioned in the spreadsheet matches with the skill list.
      2. All stops should have a skill mentioned, if it is not mentioned, the stop will not be assigned.
  • After adding the stops, click on auto-optimize – click here (view)
  • The drivers for the stops with their required skills will be shown. Select the drivers
    1. Only when drivers with the skills mentioned are selected would the button to proceed to be activated – click here (view)
    2. Click on the i icon to know which skills are still to be assigned – click here (view)
  • On proceeding forward the stops would be assigned to drivers with the required skills.
  • Industries where skill-based optimisation can be used

    • Construction and maintenance: construction scheduling, maintenance scheduling, job site management, equipment tracking, construction logistics, field service scheduling.
    • Utilities and energy: utility fleet management, meter reading, energy grid management, field service dispatch, lineman scheduling, utility logistics.
    • Telecommunications: field technician scheduling, network maintenance, cell tower maintenance, field service dispatch, telecommunication logistics, wireless network management
    • Health care: mobile medical workforce, patient transportation, health care logistics, medical equipment maintenance, patient scheduling, telemedicine management.
    • Public Safety: emergency service scheduling, emergency fleet management, public safety logistics, disaster response management, first responder scheduling, emergency medical services management.
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