Pickup and last-mile delivery promote long-term relationships with customers in the cleaning Industry.

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Pickup and last-mile delivery promote long-term relationships with customers in the cleaning Industry., Zeo Route Planner
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Kicks and Kaps used Zeo Route Planner to improve their efficiency and also increase their customer satisfaction scores.

Kicks and Kaps is a company that collects shoes & caps from Mexico City and gets them to their warehouse. They clean the items and return them to their customers. The company offers both pick-up and drop-off services.

As a business owner, Eduardo experienced difficulties when a few customers called and requested that he pick up shoes and hats from a specific area. He realized that he is spending a lot more doing the pickup and this is affecting his margins. He was taking longer routes, returning to the same location again, and constantly taking routes with higher traffic. However, he did not want to let go of the orders as he planned to expand his business.

He decided that with 10 drivers, 5 vehicles, and nearly 50 pickups per vehicle, it was time to get technology to assist him. He was looking for route planners but nearly all of them either charged per pickup or per driver. This was proving too expensive. Additionally, he wanted to track the drivers or the cheap solutions did not offer a driver app. In his search for value, he discovered Zeo Route Planner

He took the demo and initiated the one-week free trial. After the trail he initially started with 1 seat to check the routes and how would it affect his finances. Convinced he brought a yearly subscription with 5 seats the following month.

In his words why did he take Zeo

“Zeo is user-friendly, and adjustable based on my needs. The seat-based plan makes it affordable. I had initially taken it only to get the routes but now driver tracking and sending correct pickup times to my customers, have helped me get a lot of referrals. It has made my life easy and expanded my business”

Some of the features Eduardo liked about Zeo:

  • Ability to mark a stop as a pickup or delivery and differentiate it properly.
  • Making frequently visited stops favorites and adding them by searching for the name of the client directly.
  • Directly importing stops from their Shopify store into Zeo and using the route optimization scheduler.
  • App for the drivers available in both Ios and Android.
  • Tracking drivers realtime and sending location updates to the customers
  • Keep a track of proof of delivery and provide the same on customer requests.

Kicks and Kaps now save 2 hours per day per vehicle on driving time. The new features have helped them get more customers and have increased their revenue by 20%.

Book a free consultation with Zeo’s representatives about how Zeo can help you.

About Zeo Route Planner

Zeo route planner is a route optimization solution that has been ranked as a high performer by G2. It provides seat-based optimization plans and a dedicated app for delivery drivers. It is the fastest-growing route planner and is used by more than a million drivers around the world. Over 4000 businesses use Zeo every day!

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