Amazon is on the Lookout for Last-Mile Delivery Partnerships!

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Amazon is on the Lookout for Last-Mile Delivery Partnerships!, Zeo Route Planner
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Amazon has finally launched the program they have been working on since 2020. This program is called Amazon Hub Delivery, which pays small business owners to carry out last-mile delivery for Amazon.

What is Amazon Hub Delivery?

This new program of Amazon is called Amazon Hub Delivery. With this program, Amazon aims to improve delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working with third-party will also allow them to increase warehouse space and smoothen other operations.

The program is set to operate in 23 states, with large and dense cities like New York, New Jersey, Boston, and Seattle as the prime focus. Amazon aims to partner with at least 2500 businesses by the end of this year. They are interested in partnering with businesses like florists, coffee shops, and gas stations.

How to Become Amazon’s Delivery Partner?

If you are operating a small business, you don’t need any prior experience to enlist in the Amazon Hub Delivery Program. You just need the necessary requirements like vehicles and staff to make the deliveries effectively.

The payout is yet to be disclosed. However, Amazon stated that businesses can earn upto $27,000 a year making deliveries.

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How Does Route Planning & Fleet Management Tools Help with Last-Mile Delivery?

Route planning and fleet management tools significantly aid in optimizing last-mile delivery, which involves the final stage of delivering goods to customers. These tools offer several key benefits:

  • Route planning tools utilize algorithms to determine the most efficient routes, considering factors such as traffic conditions and delivery time windows. This ensures drivers take the shortest and quickest paths, reducing travel time and fuel costs.
  • Fleet management tools enable real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, allowing dispatchers to have a clear view of the fleet’s location and performance. This visibility facilitates prompt responses to delays or changes, ensuring efficient delivery process management.
  • These tools support dynamic dispatching, enabling adjustments to delivery routes and schedules on the go. This adaptability helps handle unforeseen circumstances, such as new orders or cancellations while maintaining delivery efficiency.
  • Route planning and fleet management tools provide valuable analytics and reporting capabilities. By analyzing data on delivery performance and resource utilization, businesses can identify areas for improvement, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver better customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Amazon Hub Delivery program work?
    As a delivery partner, you will receive the packages from Amazon every morning. Then you can plan the deliveries per your operating hours and staff strength. On average, 30 packages need to be delivered daily, and the deliveries are made every day, with major holidays being the exception.
  2. What is the eligibility for the delivery executives?
    The delivery executives must be at least 18 and have valid IDs. They also need to go through a background verification check.
  3. Where will the packages be delivered?
    The packages will be delivered to your desired location. However, the package delivery area must have ample space for a 24’ box truck with a lift gate — for easy parking and unloading of items.
  4. How to learn more about the program?
    Fill out and submit the Form, and someone from Amazon will contact you.


The Amazon Hub Delivery program can be a great option if you want to expand your horizon. You must leverage technology to create an efficient delivery operation with great ROI.

Leveraging route planning and fleet management tools can streamline last-mile delivery operations, optimize routes, enhance fleet visibility, and enable data-driven decision-making, ultimately improving delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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