Now Navigate from Zeo Itself- Introducing in App Navigation for IOS Users

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Get Direction within Zeo?

We know its a pain to optimize your route in one application and navigating through a completely different one. There is no info along the map about your stop and more often than not you end up wasting quite a lot of time just switching between these two.

At zeo, we’ve been working hard to find a solution for our iOS users to make the experience more seamless and faster. After almost a month of experimentation,

Introducing In-app navigation!

Now get directions to your destination without ever having to leave the Zeo app. Add your stops, create a route and start navigating to the first stop. A full screen map will open up along with all your stop details where you get turn-by-turn directions and you can plan your route better. Navigate easily and make changes to the stop, contact the customer or share your live location, all in a single screen.

How to start in app navigation

You can easily start navigating within zeo (only for apple users for now)
Go to preferences-> navigation preferences-> navigation in-> enable In app navigation option

Now Navigate from Zeo Itself- Introducing in App Navigation for IOS Users, Zeo Route Planner
Try out the app today with a free trial and let us know what you think. We are constantly trying to improve our user’s experience and optimize their processes better.

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