Green Logistics

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What is Green Logistics?

Green Logistics, also known as sustainable logistics, involves practices that lower the environmental impact of the supply chain management aspect of the business. It aims to maintain profitability while reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to all forms of pollution. As customers are becoming more conscious about the environment, they prefer businesses that practice sustainability in their operations.

Here are some green logistics strategies that can be implemented by businesses:

  • Opt for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging material. Limit the use of plastic packaging wherever possible.
  • Optimize the delivery routes for the fleets to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency.
  • Start adding electric vehicles to the fleet and prioritize them at the time of dispatch.
  • Use e-bikes or bicycles for hyperlocal deliveries.
  • Reduce energy consumption at warehouses by switching to green energy sources.
  • Reduce the amount of paper being used by going digital.

How does Zeo Route Planner help you deliver efficiently?

Zeo Route Planner is easy to use and helps you create optimized routes within seconds. It saves the time spent on the road resulting in lower carbon emissions. It allows you to add details like delivery time slot, stop priority, stop duration, customer details, and any specific customer notes.

Route optimization also results in lesser operational costs and improves the profitability of your business.

Hop on a 30-minute demo call to find out how Zeo can be the perfect route planner for your business!


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