Consignment Delivery Routing Software for Operational Excellence

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The consignment delivery business has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the rising demand for convenient and sustainable shopping options. However, alongside this growth come various challenges that can hinder operational excellence. Without effective route planning and coordination, the service may encounter delays, missed deliveries, and increased operational costs, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction and business reputation.

Role of Consignment Delivery Routing Software in Achieving Operational Excellence:

Consignment delivery routing software plays a pivotal role in helping businesses overcome the challenges associated with consignment delivery operations and achieve operational excellence. These software solutions offer a range of features and functionalities designed to streamline route planning, optimize delivery schedules, and enhance overall efficiency.

For example, they enable businesses to create optimized delivery routes based on factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity, ensuring timely and cost-effective deliveries. Additionally, real-time tracking capabilities provide visibility into the status of each delivery, allowing businesses to monitor progress and address any issues promptly.

Top 5 Consignment Delivery Routing Software

There is a plethora of consignment delivery routing software available in the market. Here is the list of five comprehensive solutions.

  1. Zeo Route Planner

    Zeo Route Planner is as a leading Consignment Delivery Routing Software, offering an advanced route optimization platform tailored specifically for consignment businesses. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge algorithms, Zeo excels in strategically planning and optimizing delivery routes to ensure operational excellence in consignment delivery operations.

    One of the standout features of the Zeo Route Planner app is its real-time tracking and GPS navigation capabilities, empowering consignment businesses to monitor delivery progress and make necessary route adjustments on the fly. Additionally, Zeo simplifies the process of adding and assigning stops, taking into account critical factors such as delivery time windows, resource availability, and vehicle capacity. By considering these variables, Zeo presents the most optimized routes along with the optimal stop sequence, enabling consignment businesses to achieve maximum efficiency in their delivery operations.

    Key Features:

    Mobile Route Planner

    • Scan printed manifests
    • Add stops via Google search, excel sheets, etc.
    • Integrate with Shopify, Wix, etc.
    • Provide real-time ETA updates to customers
    • Hassle-free navigation
    • Share live location with customers
    • Proof of delivery
    • Advance route scheduling
    • Live support 24/7

    Route Planner for Fleets
    Driver management

    • Onboard drivers within five minutes
    • Auto-assign stops as per driver availability and shift timings
    • Track their live location and get a bird-eye view on operations
    • Track route progress and get detailed reports

    Optimized route creation

    • Upload stops in the route planner
    • Specify requirements
    • Assign stops to drivers

    Secondary Features

    • Schedule your route in advance
    • Start routes directly from your store location
    • Know delivery status in real time
    • Provide real-time ETAs to customers
    • Live support around the clock
    • Get detailed route reports
    • Communicate directly with your drivers
    • Add your regular stops as favorites
    • Pay for just seats that you need on your fleet
    • Compatible with 51 languages
    • Personalize your messaging to customers
    • Add your fleet vehicles and optimize according to capacity

    Yearly – INR 833 per month per seat.
    Monthly – INR 999 per month per seat.
    Quarterly – INR 899 per month per seat.
    7-day free trial available.

  2. Pidge

    Pidge is a specialized consignment delivery routing software designed to streamline inventory distribution and enhance operational efficiency for consignment businesses. With its intuitive platform and robust features, Pidge offers a comprehensive solution to address the unique challenges of consignment delivery management. Pidge is driving a powerful transformation, setting a new standard in India’s last-mile ecosystem.

    Key Features:

    • Route optimization
    • Delivery & rider analytics
    • Rider management
    • Live tracking
    • Multi-channel communication
    • Real-time alerts

    Get custom pricing plans.

  3. Routora

    Routora is a powerful consignment delivery routing software designed to streamline route planning and optimize delivery operations for consignment businesses. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Routora offers an efficient solution to enhance operational efficiency and ensure timely deliveries.

    Key features:

    • Route optimization
    • Stop upload
    • Seamless, interactive dashboards
    • Itinerary download
    • Import stops
    • Delivery tracking

    Routara Maps: $14.49/ month
    Routara Teams: 71.99/ month

  4. OptimoRoute

    OptimoRoute presents an online solution tailored for consignment deliveries and field services, offering comprehensive route planning and scheduling functionalities. This platform enables businesses to optimize routes with multiple stops per trip, considering various factors such as travel time, delivery windows, vehicle capacity, and driver skills.

    With OptimoRoute, businesses can benefit from automated planning, ensuring efficient route optimization while minimizing manual effort. The system suggests optimized routes and stop sequences, taking into account driver availability and workload balancing to enhance operational efficiency.

    Key Features:

    • Automated planning
    • Driver & vehicle management
    • Order & task management
    • Live tracking and ETA
    • Mobile app for drivers
    • Proof of delivery
    • Barcode scanning

    Starts from $35.10 per driver per month.
    30 day free trial available.

  5. Speedy Route

    In the fast-paced world of consignment, where efficient logistics are paramount, Speedy Route offers a comprehensive route optimization platform designed to streamline delivery operations and ensure optimal stock control. By harnessing advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, Speedy Route empowers consignment businesses to navigate complex delivery networks with ease, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.


    • Optimal Route Calculation
    • Route Re-Ordering
    • Multi-Vehicle Planning
    • Worldwide Availability
    • Subscription-Based Service

    $69/mo: Up to 5 drivers, 500 stops per route
    $99/mo: Up to 10 drivers, unlimited stops per route


By leveraging advanced routing algorithms, real-time tracking capabilities, and customizable features, the consignment delivery routing software solutions empower businesses to streamline delivery operations, optimize routes, and enhance customer satisfaction. With Zeo Route Planner leading the way, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, reliability, and success in their consignment delivery operations.

Schedule a free demo with Zeo experts today and experience the power of consignment delivery routing software in achieving operational excellence and driving business growth.

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    Know More

    How to Create Route?

    How do I add stop by typing and searching? Web

    Follow these steps to add a stop by typing and searching:

    • Go to Playground Page. You will find a search box in top left.
    • Type in your desired stop and it will show search results as you type.
    • Select one of the search results to add the stop to list of unassigned stops.

    How do I import stops in bulk from an excel file? Web

    Follow these steps to add stops in bulk using an excel file:

    • Go to Playground Page.
    • In top right corner you will see import icon. Press on that icon & a modal will open.
    • If you already have an excel file, press the “Upload stops via flat file” button & a new window will open up.
    • If you don’t have an existing file, you can download a sample file and input all your data accordingly, then upload it.
    • In the new window, upload your file and match the headers & confirm mappings.
    • Review your confirmed data and add the stop.

    How do I import stops from an image? Mobile

    Follow these steps to add stops in bulk by uploading an image:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • Bottom bar has 3 icons in left. Press on image icon.
    • Select the image from gallery if you already have one or take a picture if you don’t have existing.
    • Adjust the crop for the selected image & press crop.
    • Zeo will automatically detect the addresses from the image. Press on done and then save & optimize to create route.

    How do I add a stop using Latitude and Longitude? Mobile

    Follow these steps to add stop if you have Latitude & Longitude of the address:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • You will see a icon. Press on that icon & press on New Route.
    • If you already have an excel file, press the “Upload stops via flat file” button & a new window will open up.
    • Below search bar, select the “by lat long” option and then enter the latitude and longitude in the search bar.
    • You will see results in the search, select one of them.
    • Select additional options according to your need & click on “Done adding stops”.

    How do I add a using a QR Code? Mobile

    Follow these steps to add stop using QR Code:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • You will see a icon. Press on that icon & press on New Route.
    • Bottom bar has 3 icons in left. Press on QR code icon.
    • It will open up a QR Code scanner. You can scan normal QR code as well as FedEx QR code and it will automatically detect address.
    • Add the stop to route with any additional options.

    How do I delete a stop? Mobile

    Follow these steps to delete a stop:

    • Go to Zeo Route Planner App and open On Ride page.
    • You will see a icon. Press on that icon & press on New Route.
    • Add some stops using any of the methods & click on save & optimize.
    • From the list of stops that you have, long press on any stop that you want to delete.
    • It will open window asking you to select the stops that you want to remove. Click on Remove button and it will delete the stop from your route.