Cash on Delivery (COD)

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What is Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Cash on delivery (COD) is a method of payment that allows the customer to make the payment for an order at the time of delivery. The payment can be made in cash or even by card or digital wallet if the delivery person is equipped with a Mobile POS device.

The business has to assume the risk of customers not accepting the order at the time of delivery. However, businesses still offer COD as an alternative payment option because of the benefits it offers:

  • It encourages more impulse buys as the customers don’t have to go through the hassle of filling in card details.
  • It helps in attracting new customers as they have lower trust and don’t want to risk making the payment before receiving the items. However, they are comfortable paying at the time of delivery.
  • It also caters to people who don’t have a credit card or don’t prefer using it for online purchases.

How does Zeo Route Planner help you deliver efficiently?

Zeo Route Planner is easy to use and helps you create optimized routes within seconds. It makes handling COD payments hassle-free by enabling the drivers to record proof of payment in the driver app itself.

Zeo allows you to add details like delivery time slot, stop priority, stop duration, customer details, and any specific customer notes. It saves the time spent on the road so that more time is spent on revenue-generating activities.

Hop on a 30-minute demo call to find out how Zeo can be the perfect route planner for your business!


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