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Call Your Customers Directly : Made Easy with ZEO, Zeo Route Planner
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With Zeo as your route planner, you can contact your customer who receives your end point deliveries. This improves customer satisfaction and adds greater value to your service.

To have the facility to give a one-tap call to your customers, Zeo helps you to add the “Customer details” beforehand, both when stops are manually entered and by the “Edit Route” option after creating the route by: On Ride—->Plus Button.

Even when the route has been created or even when some of the stops have been completed by you, you can still call your customers directly.

But How?

In the optimized route, every stop has a “stack” like icon present just beside the “Navigate” button. When you click on this icon, it will open a set of functions under “Stop Actions”, which includes: Edit Stop and Add Customer Info.

Edit Stop

When you select this function, it will take you to a page, where you can again get an opportunity to edit your stop details and hence can add the “Customer details” by name, phone number, or email address and Save Customer info. You can also import the phone number from your saved contacts on your device.

Add Customer info

This method gives you the facility to save the customer details in a comparatively more straightforward way to provide a quick call to your customer. When you select this option, a box will appear which will ask you the Name, Phone Number, and Email. You can just give the phone number and “Save Customer info”.

Here the magic happens

Following both methods, the number/name saved as the details will appear for that particular stop on the “On Ride” Page. A green-colored calling icon can also be seen. On tapping on this icon, you can directly call your customer.

Shorthand Operations that you can follow

During Manual Entry of stops:
Search and select a stop—>Click on Customer details—>Add details—>Save Customer info

After optimizing/creating the route
On Ride—>Plus Button—>Edit Route—>Select the stop—>Customer Details—>Add the details—->Save Customer info—->Update Stop—>Update & Optimize Route

During the trip
Click on Stack-like icon—>Stop Actions—>Edit Stop—>Customer Details—>Add the details—->Save Customer info
Click on Stack-like icon—>Stop Actions—>Add Customer info—>Add the details—->Save Customer info

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