How to add stops by Typing ?

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Image3, Zeo Route Planner

Zeo allows you to add stops easily

Zeo allows you to add stops easily. You get a wide range of options to import the addresses to the app. Adding stops via typing is one of the most common ways to add stops. This is how we do it.

Follow the simple steps below to add stops by typing in the search box provided:

  • Open Zeo route Planner App on your phone and go to “History” tab
  • Press “+ Add New Route”
  • Press “Add Stop” button
  • Type the address in search bar
  • Select the address from the drop down
  • Add the extra details (Notes, Customer details etc.)
  • Type the next stop for adding more stop
  • Click Done
  • Enter your start and end location
  • Press save and optimize

Stops Added, Zeo Route Planner

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