The Art of Multi-apping: How to Manage Driving for Multiple Delivery Apps

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The Art of Multi-apping: How to Manage Driving for Multiple Delivery Apps, Zeo Route Planner
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The best thing about being a gig driver is that you are never dependent on just one delivery app to pay your bills. Drivers prefer working with multiple delivery apps to ensure they spend less time waiting for orders and more time delivering them. Multi-apping is becoming popular amongst drivers who want to make every minute count.

Through this blog, we highlight the strategies that you must follow to get the maximum benefit from multi-apping.

Strategies for Acing the Use of Multiple Delivery Apps

    1. Get the Basics Right
      Using multiple delivery apps would require extra effort for proper management. First things first, you should decide if you want to maintain two phones and sign up for all the delivery apps you want to work with. The next step is getting familiar with the interface, navigation and functionalities of all the apps. This ensures you don’t spend any time understanding the app while you are delivering.
    2. Monitor Driver Saturation
      Driver saturation occurs when there are too many drivers on a delivery app compared to the demand. This can result in fewer orders per driver, longer waiting times, and subsequently lower earnings for drivers. Monitoring multiple delivery apps will help you understand the likelihood of getting more business from the app where the demand for drivers is on the higher side.
    3. Track your Miles to Estimate Earnings
      Always know how much effort you are putting in. Monitoring the miles you’ve covered across delivery apps will help you estimate your earnings. It might be a tedious task to consistently maintain a record of the miles travelled when you are using multiple delivery apps. Here, route optimization apps like Zeo will not only optimize your routes but also track the miles covered for every delivery.
    4. Compare, Choose, Repeat
      It is always wiser to keep up with the trends. Compare all the delivery apps you are working with and understand which would serve you the best at that moment. Comparing helps you realize which app is more likely to get you started sooner and strategize your deliveries accordingly. Keep comparing apps consistently and choose the best option for you.
    5. Record Expenses & Optimize Routes
      Miles covered, fuel expenditure, car equipment and maintenance charges, and other overhead expenses will impact your income. The best way to minimize the charges incurred is to optimize the delivery routes. You will not only end up saving on fuel but also time. This will eventually mean more deliveries, fewer expenses, and more earnings.

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Advantages of using Multiple Delivery Apps

  1. Reduced Downtime
    Idle time equals to missed income. Working with just one app would often result in regular downtime. However, multi-apping always keeps you on the run. Using multiple delivery apps would mean you work more, earn more and spend less time simply hanging around.
  2. Better Delivery Completion Rate
    For drivers, the only Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the number of deliveries. The higher they are, the better is the pay. With the multi-apping strategies, you enter into much better prospects of completing more deliveries and achieving higher targets.
  3. Surge Monitoring for Better Options
    Multi-apping offers you valuable and time-saving insights into the demand and availability of drivers across delivery apps. You are in a position to choose the app that is more likely to help you earn better as compared to the other apps.
  4. Diversified Income Channels
    It goes without saying that multi-apping strategy will expose more income sources to drivers. You can choose to work with the delivery apps that are offering more for the same effort. Working with multiple delivery apps will help you cater to more demands and earn from every app.

How Zeo Makes Life Easier for Drivers using Multiple Delivery Apps

When the competition is fierce, every lost minute will potentially impact your business. The biggest concern for drivers using multiple delivery apps is the time they end up wasting on the road. This is primarily because of the lack of optimized routes. It always helps to know the shortest route to your destination so that you save time and effort. Zeo is designed to streamline your delivery process. Along with route optimization, it offers you other features to save your valuable time, down to the minute:

    1. Scan Printed Manifests
      Zeo’s cutting-edge image recognition and machine learning technology helps you save up to 30 minutes of manual address data entry. You can simply scan printed manifests and get started.
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    2. Hassle-free Navigation
      Zeo integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, Waze, TomTom Go or any other tool that you are currently using, making your delivery process a hassle-free experience.
    3. Schedule Routes in Advance
      Upload all the stops you want to cover including pickup and delivery points and schedule the routes in advance to save time.
    4. On-demand Support
      Whenever you feel stuck somewhere with Zeo, our 24*7 live support is always available to address all your queries, understand your requirements and offer hands-on solutions.


In today’s world where results are driven by efforts, drivers must put their best foot forward. Embracing the art of multi-apping will help you earn from multiple delivery apps. However, they must ensure they manage their time effectively. Leveraging a route optimization platform like Zeo will only make your life easier.

Download the Zeo app now and get started with a free trial to optimize delivery routes and streamline the multi-apping experience.

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