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Choosing the Right Delivery Route, Zeo Route Planner
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Choosing the right delivery route is important for drivers in the transportation industry. It improves delivery time, reduces fuel costs, and increases customer satisfaction. A study by Geotab reported that an average fleet vehicle travels about 20,000 miles per year, but only spends 10% of the time actually driving. Here, choosing the right delivery route will help in optimizing the time and resources.

Choosing the right delivery route can sometimes be a hectic ask. There are several factors that drivers must consider while choosing the route.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Delivery Route

  1. Travel Distance
    While choosing the right delivery route, drivers must determine the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. This will help them estimate the delivery time and plan their travel accordingly. Moreover, the distance will help them determine the fuel requirement to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  2. Data Accuracy
    Accuracy of the data can majorly impact the delivery route. Even minor errors in distance calculations can result in significant delays and increased fuel costs. Using reliable GPS devices or route planning software is the best way to ensure data accuracy.
  3. Vehicle Capacity
    The speed of delivery and fuel costs can vary according to the type of vehicle and its capacity. For choosing the right delivery route fas per the vehicle capacity, drivers should consider the package volume and weight they are transporting.
  4. Account for Stops
    When choosing the right delivery route, drivers must consider the number of stops in the journey. They must also take into account the delivery requirements and time for each stop. Taking enough rest during prolonged routes will avoid burnouts.
  5. Time-sensitivity
    Some deliveries can be time-sensitive. Such deliveries often fall under two categories: Deliveries that must be completed within decided timeframe and those that involve transporting perishable items.
  6. Downtime
    Downtime refers to the time a driver spends waiting for packages to be loaded or unloaded, or waiting for new assignments. The process of choosing the right delivery route must also consider the downtime for delivery stops and required breaks.
  7. Unexpected Delays
    Delays can be caused by various factors such as traffic congestion, accidents, and road closures. To tackle these delays drivers must make smart use of technology. Route optimization software like Zeo provides real-time traffic updates and alternate routes to reduce the risk of delay.
  8. Consider all the Delivery Stops
    To optimize their delivery route, drivers should group together the stops from the same area. This will reduce the delivery time and fuel costs. By considering all the delivery stops together, drivers can also identify the deliveries that can be attempted earlier.

Avoiding the Manual Way with Route Planner Software

Choosing the right delivery route can be a cumbersome manual task. There is also a high probability of making erroneous decisions. Drivers can avoid these manual tasks by using a robust Route Planner. It automates the process of choosing the right delivery route and makes the process fast, efficient and error-free. Features like real-time updates, route optimization mechanisms, easy navigation, live location sharing and more, make choosing the right delivery route a hassle-free task for all drivers.

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Zeo Simplifies the Process of Choosing the Right Delivery Route

Once you upload all the delivery and pickup stops, Zeo automatically optimizes the route. Additionally, it offers some notable features that further simplify the process of choosing the right delivery route for drivers.

  • Scan Printed Manifests, barcodes, and upload Excel files to fetch your stops
  • Provide real-time ETA to customers
  • Hassle-free navigation
  • Share live locations with customers
  • Schedule routes in advance


Zeo Route Planner helps you deliver faster and plan your delivery routes efficiently. You can also create your routes in advance and save valuable time, improve the speed of delivery and most importantly, increase customer satisfaction. You can download the Zeo app for your Android (Google Play Store) or iOS devices (Apple Store) and make the process of choosing the right delivery route easy and effective.

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