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Linkedin Automation by DMtiger

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What is LinkedIn automation?

The use of software and tools to automate specific operations and activities on the LinkedIn platform is referred to as LinkedIn automation. These tools may be used to expedite and streamline the process of managing one’s LinkedIn presence, which is especially beneficial for overworked professionals who do not have the leisure to manually monitor their profile and connections.

Automation may save you time and help you expand your LinkedIn network without much effort. It also boosts your reach within your niche or targeted audience. The following are some of the common tasks that may be automated on LinkedIn:

  • Sending connection requests: Certain automation tools enable users to submit connection requests to many other LinkedIn users based on specific criteria, such as job role or location. This can be an excellent technique to rapidly grow one’s connection without needing to send individual requests.
  • Sending messages: Some solutions allow users to automatically send messages to their contacts. This is great for thanking new contacts or following up with potential leads.
  • Endorsing skills: Some automation tools can automatically endorse skills on behalf of the user, which can help increase their visibility to potential clients (as it sends a notification to the user that their skill has been endorsed by someone).
  • Posting updates: Automation tools may also be used to organize and post updates on the user’s behalf. This can be useful for keeping an active presence on LinkedIn without bothering to regularly check in and manually publish changes.

While automation tools might help to automate certain areas of LinkedIn, they must be used carefully. Overuse of automation might appear spam and may result in the user’s account being suspended or banned by LinkedIn. Other than this, maximum daily connect and message requests should be limited. It’s usually a smart option to use automation sparingly and to ensure that any automated operations comply with LinkedIn’s privacy policies.

Furthermore, LinkedIn automation features can help you save time and optimize some operations on the platform. However, it is critical that they be used properly and in moderation. Automation tools may be a significant addition to any LinkedIn strategy if recommended practices are implemented.

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Which is the Most Effective LinkedIn Automation Tool?

  • There are several LinkedIn automations tools on the market that may help you automate your LinkedIn outreach. Almost every LinkedIn task can be replaced by automation tools nowadays.
  • Because of personalized automated messages and the ability to generate a large number of leads, ZeoSales is an excellent LinkedIn outreach automation solution. It also provides a customized follow-up. Therefore, if LinkedIn messages are delivered correctly and tailored with the aid of ZeoSales, they can reach a large number of people while avoiding the danger of spam.
  • Additionally, ZeoSales is a cloud-based software, therefore, no matter where you are it automates your LinkedIn marketing campaigns in just a single click. It also filters your prospects and takes care that no user gets repeated requests. Moreover, the additional features are worth utilizing for lead generation and growing your business.

What is a Sales Development Representative?

A sales development representative (SDR) assists the organization in generating new leads and bringing them into the sales pipeline. Sales development agents, unlike those on a company’s marketing team, are not in charge of making sales. Instead, they draw new individuals and businesses to the products and services available.

To contact leads, an SDR will make cold calls, send emails, and use other types of direct connection. This position is fraught with tension and uncertainty since there will always be unanswered calls, emails, and other obligations that get unchecked from time to time. The route forward becomes easier after a contract is concluded, but until then, it is up to the sales professionals to work on getting those leads signed up with the business.

How does automated SDRs work?

SDRs who are automated create a link between marketing and sales. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct two-way email interactions with leads in the same manner as a salesperson would.
An AI SDR will follow up on leads, answer inquiries, qualify prospects, and organize meetings.
This was previously impossible for you. Marketing automation is one-way communication, while sales automation still requires the involvement of your sales representatives. Automated SDRs relieve you of the burden of repeating, high-volume talks.

Why Do You Need Automated SDRs?

Many organizations nowadays are always in hyper growth mode. Every day, your primary aim is to increase your user base and income. And you must do so because your investors rely on it. If you’re funded by venture capital, you’re probably working hard on demand generation. If you’re working hard on demand generation, you should likewise be working hard on sales development.
What use are leads if they can’t be converted into sales opportunities?
When you expand an SDR team to keep up with the increasing amount of marketing leads, problems begin to occur. Following up and scheduling appointments are inefficient uses of your SDRs’ time and talent.

This is due to:

  • Most salespeople give up on following up too soon.
  • Unqualified leads consume half of your sales staff’ time.
  • Only around 25% of leads are legitimate and should be forwarded to sales.

Your sales development is sluggish, and your sales development reps are overburdened. Instead of generating more chances, you’re utilizing SDRs to miss fewer.
It’s a process crying to be automated.
Steve Burton says, “Automate to save you time, and use a human touch with everything else.” Don’t overload your sales process with too many tools.

Some reasons why automated sales development accelerates growth! 
  1. Your actual representatives (including SDRs) will provide more ROI:
    Often, automating sales development results in the hiring of additional SDRs. That is correct. Better follow-up results in more qualifying leads being sent on to your SDRs for calls. It frees up time for research and networking, resulting in more quality leads.
  2. Leads will respond more frequently:
    Three statistics highlight the importance of follow-up in converting incoming leads:
    It takes a business 42 hours on average to reply to a lead.
    78% of purchasers go with the first responder. After four “no’s,” 92% of salespeople give up, whereas 80% of sales require at least five emails. Until the handover, most new leads have the identical discussions with your salespeople. Why not automate and get more meetings booked if your salespeople utilise the same email template for every new lead?
    It is the easiest way to enhance your ROI.
  3. Someone in your CRM can finally engage the leads:
    According to AdRoll/RollWorks, 50% of marketing leads are ignored by sales. Sales will not contact the thousands of older CRM prospects because they are preoccupied with fresher, hotter leads. Automation may engage these prospects and forward the receptive and qualifying leads to you.
    Turn meeting preparation into a competitive edge:
    When you liberate your representatives from follow-ups, they will have more time to prepare for calls (additional four hours of selling time each week!).
    That’s a lot more preparation than the competition’s reps have for each call.
  4. The campaigns will produce greater outcomes for you:
    What happens when an ABM lead is unable to attend a meeting? Allow the automated SDR to reschedule instead of the rep.
    Is the contact unresponsive? The automated SDR will provide consistent follow-up. The same is true for out-of-office and contact-me-later responses.
  5. Reinvest the cost savings in other areas of growth:
    It is common for numerous SDRs to be required to manage the repetitive job of responding to leads. Automation is less expensive than such wages.
    Spend the cost savings on upskilling your workforce in order to improve the buyer journey.
  6. It fosters a collaborative environment:
    SDR automation necessitates marketing expertise, innovation, and sales experience.
    Working with the other team teaches each team new and important abilities. The collaborative effort results in a more efficient and effective marketing and sales organization.
  7. Completes the modern sales & marketing stack:
    Combine with marketing automation, lead scoring, chatbots and intent data for highly personalized outreach and maximum sales velocity. You need to automate if you want to combine all the tools and data available to you.
  8. It’s ideal for experimenting:
    SDRs that are automated allow you to experiment with email subject lines and copy, cadence goals, timing data, and other integrations.

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  • Start with strategies that worked for experienced competitors. 
  • Try to hit your daily targets that are there to help you reach quota. 
  • Discover your buyer personas. Understanding who will benefit from the product will help you prospect faster and cast a larger net.
  • Reach out via numerous media and personalize your messaging.
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