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How To Import Excel in Zeo Route Planner

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How To Import Excel in Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner provides various features that help you to grow your delivery business. Yet, there is one important feature needed in the field of last-mile delivery where you want to add many delivery addresses at one go.

Zeo Route Planner allows you to import excel with hundreds of addresses from the local storage of your device, as well as third-party cloud-based storage services. So, now you can comfortably plan your route without relying on stationary computers or adding numerous addresses manually. We value our customers, and thus, we at Zeo Route constantly strive to bring out the features that help you work in a serene.

You can also import address using image capture/OCR and QR/Bar code scan in the Zeo Route Planner app.

So, let’s see the procedure for importing excel into the Zeo Route Planner app.

Get help in importing excel files in the Zeo Route Planner app.

Download the Sample Excel

Zeo Route Planner provides you a sample excel file for your reference. To download the sample file, click on the 3 dotted “Menu” button placed on the right corner directly opposite the date section. After that, tap on the “Download Sample Excel” button to download the sample file.

How To Import Excel in Zeo Route Planner, Zeo Route Planner
Downloading sample excel file from the Zeo Route Planner app

Formatting your Excel

To plan your route, you’ll need to include some basic data, so let’s start with 4 columns, which include “Name,” “Address,” “Contact,” and “Notes.”

  • In the Name column, you can put either your customer name or their business name.
  • The Address column should contain your customers’ full address, which usually includes the street number, street name, city, and zip or postal code.
  • The Contact column consists of the phone numbers of your customer.

 You can also add longitude and latitude along with the start and end time as per your requirements.

Now you are done with the excel part and can move forward with the route planning.

Formatting the sample excel file

Importing the Excel

To upload an excel with addresses from your mobile storage (Android or iOS devices) or as per preferred cloud-based storage services like google drive, dropbox, etc., navigate to the “On Ride” section and tap on the “Add New Route” button.

Adding new route in the Zeo Route Planner app

After that, go to the “Import Stops” tab from where you can import your excel.

Importing stops via excel file in Zeo Route Planner app

Now, go through the local storage to locate the excel file you want to import into the app. After that, you have to select the column(s) that you want to add and then click on the “Import” button to move forward.

Adding the excel file in Zeo Route Planner app

Adding Additional Field

You can also select the Additional Field that you want to import. After selecting the Additional Field, tap on the “Import” button to finalize the process.

Adding additional field in the Zeo Route Planner app

Once the excel sheet is uploaded, all the addresses you have mentioned in excel automatically gets decoded and is displayed on the “On-Ride” section. You can add or delete the stop(s); also, you can adjust the route as per your priority. Now add “Start Location” and “End Location” and tap on “Save and Optimise.”

Saving and optimizing the routes in the Zeo Route Planner app

Once the route is optimized, tap on the “Navigation” button to navigate via third-party applications like google maps or others as per your preference. After tapping on the Navigation button, you will be directed towards the third-party Navigation app.

Starting the Navigation in Zeo Route Planner app

A pop-up overlays on your screen, which you can move accordingly on your screen. By tapping on that pop-up, you can get the detail of the stop you are reaching next, which includes the address, customer name, and notes.

Pop-up Overlay

The pop-up also has “Done”, “Skip” and “Call” button

  • When you have reached the stop, click on the “Done” button to detail the next stop.
  • If you want to skip the stop and move to the next stop, click on the “Skip” button.
  • You can also call the customer without going back to the app by just clicking on the “Call” button.

This pop-up is actually made to speed-up the process and provide more comfort and convenience.

Pop-up Overlay in Zeo Route Planner app

Try it now

Our motive is to make life easier and comfortable for small and medium businesses. So now you are only one step away to import your excel and start away.

Download the Zeo Route Planner from Play Store

Download the Zeo Route Planner from App Store

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